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Why some
Business Analysts
dream jobs

(And others don't)

What do you do when you're stuck in your career?

You have a lot to offer, but your work isn't meaningful

You lack autonomy and flexibility in your work

You're unable to increase your salary to where you want it to be

... Being stuck can be the worse feeling in the world because there's no clear way out

But what's keeping you from getting unstuck and finding your dream job?

When you're in a career hole, it creates a complex problem. Because it's easier to stay put, and stay safe in the comfort zone. It's familiar and it's sustaining you - even though you're unhappy there.

And this undermines confidence and self belief. So when you start thinking of ways to get out of the hole, you can feel insecure and start doubting. "Will I make it? What if I don't? What do I need to know to make it happen?"

You're also a bit torn, because time is passing and you don't want to waste precious time.

So how do we come out of this?

Is there a way to build unstoppable confidence that gives us the power we need to unleash our real potential - and then go do something meaningful, fulfilling and rewarding?

When we lack confidence, we tend to remain in a comfort zone, which perpetuates the problem further. By overcoming this with a Business Analysis Consulting skillset and mindset we begin to discover our real potential.

The Expert Academy is all about unleashing the consultant within

Self confidence (self belief) is about equipping yourself with the right toolbox and mindset - and then positively using that to do something meaningful. It's just not possible to get stuck in a hole if you accomplish all this.

Imagine having this kind of business analysis mindset and toolbox in your career. You'll never look back. It's precisely what organisations are paying top dollar for.

A business analysis career doesn't have to be a solo journey, so join us in exploring and building a successful profile. We don't do theory or boring stuff. This site gives you free tools and resources that are so practical they'll overspill into all areas of your life.

Resources for Business Analysts

I know how it is to journey alone, trying to figure out how to create a rewarding Business Analysis career. There's a lot of Business Analysis resources out there - and you can get lost going down a rabbit hole. It doesn't have to be that hard.

Which is why the BA Expert newsletter, videos and articles will be extremely comprehensive—and always free. I also have other products and workshops that you may like to buy to increase your knowledge, but the free tactics will always be free.

If you have any doubts (and if you're analytical like me, you probably will) then here is one of many testimonials that will help you find out if it's worth sticking around here.

"James has been an incredible support to my learning. He spent time getting to know me personally - where I was in my career, and where I wanted to be. He provides a great platform to self develop whilst having my development as his number one focus, and it was very rewarding to have my thought process and work validated throughout my learning journey."

-Keiran Foy, Process Analyst, Glasgow

Like every other successful business, we sell products and courses. However, there's no catch when you sign up to the free Expert Academy newsletter. You never have to buy anything and you'll continue to get great content for as long as you are a subscriber.

There's so much to learn about business analysis, but there is a systematic way to cut through the noise and get to grips with what organisations most need to deliver effectively. That's the kind of know-how that gets you noticed.

What makes the Expert Academy different?

In a word - practical. I practise what I teach and so everything about the Expert Academy is real world Business Analysis and something you can immediately implement. In addition, I help bring to life your understanding of the inter-connectivity and relationships between people, business and technology.

There's no point in padding out this website with fluff and book knowledge - there's plenty of that out there already and it's not what gets you noticed. What Expert Academy provides is resources that get people turning heads and noticing you - because you understand the mind of your customer, your technical teams, your suppliers.

Wherever you are right now in your Business Analysis journey, whether just starting out, or a seasoned veteran, there is something here for you.

Central Portugal

We live in peaceful Portugal in a surrounding of natural beauty. This is what we see every day when the sun rises and sets over the mountains - which brings a great balance to left brained analysis work. There's a great sense of community as the people come together to produce and harvest their own foods - in particular the annual team work to pick olives for oil and grapes for wine.

Start your journey here

To start with, you should have a roadmap for your whole journey - which you'll find in the 'Life As a Business Analyst' report below. This is a quick read which you can get through in under fifteen minutes and will help you build your strategy.

The report shows you the different stages in your journey as a Business Analyst, from how to get started to how to get to the top of your game - and how to do it faster, so you don't (like many do) dilly dally in your career. If you are also wondering what's beyond Business Analysis, there's a section dedicated to this.

What underpins the report is your journey to financial independence which is exactly what our careers are meant to do for us. Read it carefully, make notes, and use it to set your financial goals - so you can chart out your business analysis career strategy.

Life As A Business Analyst

How should a business analysis career look? How do you start, when do you know that you're successful, and how do you overcome the career obstacles that inevitably get in the way?

This report provides a whistle stop tour of a BA that will give you markers to check your progress and build you a profile that will make you sought after.

Get The Report

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Life As A Business Analyst Report

Everyone is looking for a shortcut to make their career more successful - and that's just plain smart. In less than fifteen minutes you'll learn how to put together a clear strategy to make sure your business analysis career is on track to bring out your potential and get you the dream you long for.

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